The 2017 ANZOS Young Investigator Award, sponsored by Novo Nordisk

Applications are now closed for the 2017 ANZOS Young Investigator Award 

This is the most prestigious of the ANZOS research awards, made to recognise and encourage the research careers of young or recently graduated scientists active in obesity-related research.  The award is based on a consideration of the originality, ingenuity and productivity of the applicant over the past 5 years. Final judgement of the successful applicant will include the ANZOS Award Subcommittee’s assessment of that contribution as well as some assessment of how the applicant proposes to use the awarded funds.   
The award is open to young researchers who:
• Are currently financial members of ANZOS. 
• Have obtained or are currently undertaking a higher degree or award (i.e. MSc PhD, MD, college fellowship),
• Are 35 years or younger, OR are in the early stages of a research career (i.e. within 5 years of obtaining their postgraduate degree).
• The recipient should be available to receive the award during the ANZOS  annual scientific meeting and to give a presentation outlining  their current work and how the awarded funds will used for medical research or educational purposes.

• Applications close August 1st, 2017
• Applicants are asked to submit a curriculum vitae together with up to 3 original research papers or abstracts published (or accepted for publication) in the previous 5 years. This should be supported by 2 separate letters - one from the mentor of the candidate supporting their application, and another from a recognised expert in their field of work who is not associated with their current institution, who comments on the significance of the work program set out in the submitted papers or abstracts.
• If the candidate is not the sole author of a paper submitted, she/he must be the first author and the manuscript must be accompanied by a letter from the senior co-author/s attesting to the applicants lead role in the investigation described in the manuscript.
• The research work of the applicant must have been performed predominantly in Australia and New Zealand.
• The applicant should indicate the medical research or educational purposes to which the awarded funds will be committed in detail sufficient for the ANZOS Awards Subcommittee to assess. Please keep this submission brief and to the point. This may be to (inter alia): undertake a short sabbatical to learn new techniques/approaches; purchase of small but critical equipment that is essential to the research of the applicant ; or, the engaging of personnel to contribute to the conduct of research projects etc.
• An electronic copy of the application (preferably as a single PDF) should be sent to the Executive Officer and must include the relevant publications. Page proofs are acceptable. If the work is 'in press' documentation of final acceptance must be supplied.

The ANZOS Young Investigator Award is judged by a sub-committee of Council consisting of the Chair of the ANZOS Awards Subcommittee (unless a conflict of interest occurs), and 2 other nominated members.
The award will be judged on:
• Primarily, the quality and originality of the program of work and the productivity and progress they have made in their field relative to the opportunity they have been afforded; and,
• How the awarded funds will be used for medical research or educational purposes that will enable the applicant to continue their progress in obesity research. .
The sub-committee has a duty to apply the criteria equitably to all applicants.
The value of the Award is $15,000 to be spent for medical research or educational purposes in the field of obesity related research as set out by the applicant in the Application. These purposes will have been assessed by the ANZOS Awards Subcommittee as having the primary purpose of enhancing medical knowledge. The ANZOS Award Subcommittee shall be entitled to require the successful applicant to satisfactorily evidence this expenditure 

The award will be presented at a special session of the ANZOS Annual Scientific Meeting (October 4-6th, 2017), at which the awardee is expected to give a brief presentation.


Past ANZOS Young Investigator Award winners

•2016 - Dr Charmaine Tam
•2015 – Dr Sarah Lockie
•2014 – Dr Radhika Seimon
•2013 – Dr Kathryn Backholer
•2012 – Dr Margarita  Tsiros
•2011 – Dr Leah Brennan
•2010 – Dr Adrian Cameron
•2009  - Dr Lisa Moran
•2008 - Dr Alexia Pena Vargas
•2007 - Dr Leonie Heilbronn
•2005  -Dr Nuala Byrne
•2004 - Dr Kylie Hesketh
•2003 - Dr Natalie Luscombe
•2002 - Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis
•2001 - Dr Adamandia Kriketos


The award is sponsored by an unrestricted grant from Novo Nordisk